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Acik Gazete can be accessed at www.acikgazete.com. and was set up by experienced journalist Faruk Eskioglu in December 2004. Eskioglu worked for the newspaper ‘Hurriyet’ (Istanbul office) for many years and was the correspondent  for the journal ‘Nokta’ in England during the 1980’s and 90’s.

Acik Gazete is based in London and, in the space of 9 months, has established a readership in 18 countries spanning 4 continents. From Mexico to Australia, with representatives based in 14 countries, it covers local agendas as well as topics of interest to Turkish speaking communities.

Moreover, each day approximately 300 foreign newspapers are scanned and important items immediately translated and added.

Acik Gazete’s correspondents across the world provide weekly columns describing the communities in which they live whilst other columnists, many of whom are engaged in academic or professional work, provide analysis and comments on their specialist topics.

Acik Gazete is anti-war and supports the environment. It respects human rights. It does not accept adverts promoting alcohol, gambling or adverts which promote the exploitation of women. It abides by publishing ethics. It refrains from manipulative journalism . . .

Despite being a new publication, Acik Gazete’s readership, as evidenced by the number of hits per day, varies between 5,500 – 8,500. It’s target for the next 3 months is to achieve a readership of 10,000 per day. The information gathered by research indicates that 60% of readers are in Turkey, 20% in England and 10% in Germany.

According to a survey conducted by the paper, 84% are university graduates and 60% are under the age of 40.


Another service provided by Acik Gazete is the distribution of ‘Acik Gazete English Agenda’ via email to 2,000 Turkish speaking readers on it’s mailing list. For advertisers in particular, this is the equivalent of distributing 2,000 leaflets a week.

Acik Gazete’s advertising promotion, which commenced at the beginning of October, set the current rates for advertising. It enables advertisers to enjoy a month’s advertising, online for 24 hours per day, at rates charged by the local press for one issue.

Advertising with Acik Gazete is particularly beneficial for businesses or organisations whose customers and clients are not merely based in local boroughs. The facility for advertisers to reach computer users everywhere in the country or the world, via the internet, and the facility for readers to subsequently be linked to the organisation’s own website, for further information, are just a few factors which make advertising with Acik Gazete so beneficial and productive.

An additional facility offered by Acik Gazete is that of providing all advertisers with free press and public relations services. We are happy to provide free advice on issues relating to press and public relations  and to assist you in preparing press releases relating to campaigns undertaken by your organisation.



Banner at side of logo  (468 x 60 Pixels): £500
Banner beneath logo: £400
Other banners: £300

Box Ads (175 x 75 Pixels): £100
Double Box (175×150 Pixels): £175

Discount for 12 month of advertising : 20%
Discount for 6 month of advertising: 15%
Discount for 3 months of advertising: 10%


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